Bike trip to Sjøseterfjellet


Bike trip to Sjøseterfjellet

 When: June-October

Duration: 16 km roundtrip

Sjøseterfjellet is a picturesque location just north of Pellestova and the trip there makes for a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Start off by following the gravel road from Pellestova keeping left at the fork onto Hitvegen. From here you embark on one of the more scenic parts of the ride as you roll through rolling country, past flowery meadows as well as passing by the Hita homestead and grazing cows.

Taking a right turn at the next junction will take you towards Hornsjøen and the final few kilometres up the hill to Sjøsætra. 

Every weekend in July, Sjøsætra, the only homestead to carry on with the tradition of summer grazing, is open to visitors.

Sjøseterfjellet has two peaks, so it is possible to leave your bike by the creek at sjøsetra and hike the last few meters up to Snauskallen for a break. The trail up to the top of Sjøseterfjellet itself also starts from Sjøsætra and is certainly one we would recommend doing.

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