About us

On the outskirts of the area at Pellestova Hotel lies “Slakteriet” (The Butchery), with an unobstructed view of the stunning mountain and all its contents. With an open kitchen, intimate atmosphere, and a wood-burning fireplace, we aim to create experiences not only in terms of taste but also in relation to relationships, history, and memories.

“Slakteriet” is the newest addition to the dining options at Pellestova Hotel, where we focus on the proximity to the mountains and to our ingredients. Much of what is served consists of self-harvested ingredients, handled and processed in the floor below the restaurant, by our own staff. You gain a unique understanding and respect for the ingredients you work with when you get to be part of the entire journey from the hunt to the fillet landing on the plate, and we believe this is reflected in the taste.



In the mountains, there is an abundance of animals, berries, and plants, and only imagination sets the limits for how we can benefit from this. It is a privilege to have this right outside our door, something that both we and our guests greatly appreciate every single day. In “Slakteriet,” we want to break down our own boundaries, give free rein to imagination, and create taste experiences that only the mountains can provide.


8-12 courses____ 1895,-

Wine pairing____1700,-

We also offer non-alcoholic beverage packages.

*If there are more than 4 people, we kindly ask that you please contact us here or by phone at 41642628.

Please note that it is not possible to make changes to the tasting menu. Unfortunately, we are unable to serve vegetarian or vegan menus. Any allergies must be reported at the time of booking. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate allergies related to milk protein, lactose intolerance, and gluten.



On the first floor of Slakteriet, you’ll find our shop. Here, we can offer our guests both our own produced items and cuts of meat, as well as products from our dear neighbors in Øyer and the surrounding areas.

Stop by for a look and taste everything the fantastic mountains and our local area have to offer!



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Chef de cuisine

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Hafjelltoppen, 2636, Øyer