Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking

When: May – October
Bike Rental:

Scott Scale MTB

445,- NOK per day

Scott Axis El-bike

850,- NOK per day

Scott Roxter Junior El-bike

585,- NOK per day


Pellestova hotel and Øyerfjellet are located in ‘Birken’ country, an area which is home to a plethora of biking trails and gravel roads. It truly lives up to its reputation as a biking Eldorado. Create your own route or take a spin on the Hitfjell trail, a favourite amongst locals and avid mountain bikers nationwide.

Want to stick to the gravels roads instead? From the hotel you can explore a vast network of mountain roads which pass through rolling countryside, past lakes and mountain farmlands.

Why not take a trip to Kriksvika, a perfect destination only 5,5 km from Pellestova! Enjoy a day by the lake, take a picnic and maybe even go for a swim. 

The famous Hornsjøen cross country skiing trail is also a popular route with bikers. Maybe you would like to venture further afield with a trip to Sjusjøen? The possibilities really are endless.