When: May – October
Distance:  Roundtrip from Pellestova 7 km

The trip to the top of Reinsfjell takes about an hour but once at the top you can glimpse the top of both the Jotunheim and Rondane mountain ranges as well as Alvdal Vestfjell. Here you will also find some shaded spots to enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack.

The trail starts behind the green road sign for Hornsjøen and from there follows a nice trail down to Malmtjønn before making its way back up the road. (remember to keep to the left at the sign to Ukstjønn) Once back on the road the trail is clearly marked and you should follow signs for Reinsfjell and Djupslia. After a while the landscape flattens out somewhat and the trail splits into an inner and outer trail, though both take you to the same spot.

On the way back you can choose to either follow the trail back towards Malmtjønnet or take the gravel road back to Pellestova.

If you would like to take a slightly shorter trip you can park your car in the lay by at Malmtjønnet and follow the trail from there or continue on to kriksvika and follow the trail up from the car park.

Useful information

Our staff are on hand to help

Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have about activities or trips in the area. We always try to keep our guests updated about the weather conditions during their stay with us, and can help you plan your day accordingly.

Forgotten something?

We have a selection of sporting goods, from head torches to water bottles and sunglasses, available at reception

Feel free to stop by and pick up anything you might have forgotten to pack.

Dress for the weather

Always pack some extra clothes should the weather turn nasty.

The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and change in the blink of an eye. We  therefore implore all our guest top pack accordingly and ideally follow the three layer system: a base layer (t-shirt/thermal top), a mid layer (insulated jacket/fleece) and an outer layer (wind/water resistant shell).

Using three layers allows you to regulate temperature thus keeping you warm should the weather get cold or take one off to cool you down.

If you are planning to stop for lunch it is advisable to pack an insulated pad to sit on.